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Strengthening Leaders and Teams

We work with individuals and teams who want to step into their power to create more of what they want in their lives. We create a safe space to explore current realities, their desired future, and how they can leverage their natural strengths as their super power to move forward powerfully!

About Strengths Partner

Founder Tina R. Shaw, PCC became a credentialed coach and trainer to use her gift for recognizing and unleashing the talents and potential in others. Tina uses her 10+ years experience in training, HR and coaching coupled with positive psychology and a strengths-based approach to promote optimal performance in organizations, individuals and teams. She leads with optimism, enjoys inspiring a “can-do” spirit in others, and has a reputation for helping people achieve success through learning and development. Tina has demonstrated success in building and developing cohesive teams, coaching, facilitation, training and talent management. Contact her today for a free consultation.



Create what you want.

What would you need to do and who would you need to be to get more of what you want? Coaching helps you explore the "doing" and the "being" of creating your ideal future. Identify your desired outcomes, explore your options, become intentional in your actions, and get the support you need to help you get there faster. Entering into a coaching relationship provides accountability and support that helps you achieve your goals - whatever they may be. 

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Accelerate Your Growth

Whether you are looking for a multi-session leadership or team development program, a class on a specific topic, or a quick lunch-and-learn session, we design interactive, engaging workshops to get you the results you want. We provide customized training to meet the unique needs of our clients. Tell us what you want to achieve with your organization and we can design a learning program to help you get there. 

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Tina R. Shaw, PCC


Strengths-Based Development Coach and Trainer

I am a passionate coach and trainer with deep compassion for others as they dare to become the best they can be. My super power is the ability to recognize and strengthen the talents and capabilities of others so that together we can achieve more.


I am a voracious learner and have accumulated a vast array of tools and models to support my clients. The process begins with our conversations to help me better understand your needs, and then we talk about the best path to support you and your goals.

Tina’s dominant strengths include: Individualization l Arranger l Relator l Input l Maximizer l Learner l Connectedness l Futuristic l Achiever l Belief  


—  J.M. 

   "Tina brings a certain approachability and transparency that left us feeling like she was part of our team. Her real and human approach opens the path for learning."

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Find Your Perfect Fit

Lots of organizations have off-the shelf programs that take a one-size-fits-all approach. Strengths Partners prefers to work with our clients to discover their unique needs and then design a solution that will deliver to those needs. 

We are passionate about helping people discover their vision so that they can be intentional about what they create for their future. We offer a variety of services to help our clients get where they want to go. Ask us about:

  • Positive Psychology Based Shift+ 360 Feedback

  • Team Engagement

  • Leadership Training Programs

  • Training Needs Assessment

  • And more!

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Contact us to schedule a complimentary discovery session to learn how we can help you create more of what you want. 



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