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What Are Your Afraid Of?

January 14, 2018



Clients come to me for many reasons – they want to build their business, develop leadership skills, get a promotion, improve a relationship, or they are looking for a thinking partner to figure out what it is they really want for themselves. One thing I’ve noticed is that no matter what the original reason they began working with me a common theme that seems to appear is… FEAR!!!


For some clients it is a fear of the unknown, for others it is a fear of failure, or even fear of success! Yes, success can be very scary!  Think about it – you have this BIG dream that you have decided to go after – maybe it is a big promotion, or perhaps doubling the size of your business – and you put your heart and soul into going after it and it happens! Now what??? Will you be able to sustain it? What will you have to give up to make it work? What if you have to spend so much time nurturing it that you don’t have time to enjoy the fruits of your labor?


Your inner gremlin is in love with the status quo and will do its best to suck the confidence and motivation right out of you. That’s where I can help. Your gremlin may seem like a pretty tough cookie, but it HATES to be called into the light and questioned. Gremlins tend to fade away or shrivel up when you notice them and question what they are telling you. I can help you shine a light on your gremlin and put that little critter in the hot seat to suck away its power, freeing you to focus on achieving your dream.


Want some help overcoming your fear so you can get more of what you want in your life? Schedule a complimentary Breakthrough Session with me to begin going after your heart's desire.  

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