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Tapping Into Your Inner Wisdom Using Photo Cards

Ever wonder how to spark your own creativity or the creativity of others to gain insights and get more of what you want? Are you a coach, counselor, consultant or leader who works with teams? I have an invitation for you: try playing The Coaching Game by Points of You.®

When our brains see an image, it tends to connect to our intuitive, creative right-brain, while also stimulating emotions and memories from our limbic system. The words on the cards connect with our logical left-brain, and together The Coaching Game stimulates whole-brain processing. The game comes with 65 vibrant photo cards, a canvas game board with four different perspectives and corresponding questions for the player to explore. Whether using it with individual coaching clients or with teams and groups, the experience for the players is powerful! I am in LOVE with these games because I have witnessed for myself the awareness they spark that invites action to create change.

Visual cards are a powerful addition to any facilitator’s toolkit. Whether you are a coach, counselor, trainer, leader or consultant using images with your clients will unleash their creativity and inner wisdom. Points of You is known for creating games that feature beautiful photos along with words and questions in a format that invites light play while exploring topics that hold deep meaning for people. Would you like to learn more and experience the power of play with these tools? Join me on June 1st for Hello Points, an official Points of You® Academy workshop where you will learn how to play The Coaching Game and Punctum, and you will go home with your very own copies of these two games!

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